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Designs by Diane's Kool Kid Vests keeping bullies cool at BullieQue 2015:

I always get reprimanded by strangers in Florida  that "it's too hot for your dog to be in clothes."

Oh I agree. That's why all their clothes are custom made and contain ice packs to keep them cool! 

Many years ago I had an mom used her sewing expertise to make my dream a reality...introducing the Kool Kid Vest (trademark now pending!)


"Dogs shouldn't wear clothing, they're not really children!" 

How many of us have heard that? 

How many of you have said that? 

  • That's ok, I understand where you're coming from.

  • But before you judge that little dog you always see wearing a t-shirt, maybe consider they have terrible allergies and that shirt is protecting their skin from the environment. Maybe they have a wound that is healing and they're wearing a shirt so they can't scratch it. Sometimes, wearing clothes is for a medical reason. 
  • And maybe some dogs really do like wearing clothes! When Champ was dressed up, he knew he was going somewhere and people would be giving him tons of attention. Clothes = attention = love = happy dog. 

Tips for getting your pup to enjoy wearing clothing.

  1. Start small, try just a bandana at first. 
  2. Make it enjoyable- tackling your dog and shoving them into a shirt is NOT going to be enjoyable for them or you! Lure them and reward them with lots of good treats, use lots of praise, and keep your voice happy (no yelling at them when they don't want to joyfully stick their head through the neck hole of a shirt that may lead to the depths of hell- hey they can't see what's on the other side!).
  3. Only keep it on them short increments at first. Praise them for leaving that hat on for 5 seconds. That was like a year in dog time! Be sure to reward them with praise and treats WHILE they are wearing the item. 

Some dogs just don't like clothing. DON'T FORCE THEM TO WEAR SOMETHING THEY DONT WANT TO. End. Of. Story. 

Always keep your dogs' well-being number 1 priority.

  • If it's HOT- take OFF the clothes/costume. Is their having a heat stroke worth it? No. 
  • If they can't walk properly- TAKE IT OFF. Adjust it or buy something that is made for dogs/fits them better. Children's clothing is NOT meant for dogs. It does not fit their bodies and is uncomfortable.