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Champ was rescued in August 2009 from a local county shelter. He was severely malnourished and had suffered extensive wounds from being used as bait for dog fighting. His road to recovery wasn't easy. But after years of abuse and neglect, he jumped right into the life of a Diva Dog. He's now a therapy dog and goes to work with Neely every day at a local hospital. He visits elementary schools to teach children about dog safety.
Champ is an animal actor and model. He's booked many local jobs and is a pro on set.

We fostered Bronx in July of 2012. His family had him since a puppy, but were feeling overwhelmed with a new baby and Bronx's many medical issues (chronic dry eye and allergies). We weren't planning on adding another Diva Dog to the pack, but Bronx had other intentions. He came in and won Neely over with his baby bear antics. He is a natural at agility and so eager to learn. He watched and copied all the other dogs until he fit right in like he'd always been here. And now we couldn't imagine life without him.

Kanga didn't have an easy life before becoming a Diva Dog either. She was returned to the county shelter 3 times for "aggression" and was scheduled for euthanasia, but a local rescue group came to her rescue. She spent the first several nights at their vet in critical condition. She was extremely malnourished and scared (which was likely why she was "aggressive."  But now, she's happy and healthy as a Diva Dog!

Sasha Fierce (AKA "Roo") was adopted in May 2010 from a family that could simply no longer care for her the way she deserved. Although they loved her very much, it wasn't the right home for her. She was living with 2 rambunctious little boys and 2 American bulldogs. Needless to say, they played very rough and Roo ended up with a broken leg. At their vet's urging, the family decided to rehome her so that she would be safe.  She is now a total grandma's girl and spends much of her time being spoiled at her Grams' house.

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